Never Would’ve Thought

It’s interesting really. The course life takes you on is entirely unknown. Had you told me 15 years ago that I would be working as an IT Security Analyst I would have laughed you right out the door. I was never a nerd in school sure I got good grades and kept my nose clean (for the most part), but computers were merely a tool that I used to chat with friends, play games, or listen to music and you would rarely find me in front of one. I was the typical jock or outdoors type kid always out climbing trees and riding bikes and getting cut and scraped and doing God-knows-what-else.

I wanted to and did join the Army at 17 and from there went to Iraq and other places, but when I left, I wanted to be a cop. After leaving the Army, I even worked at a local gun shop which is where my passion for firearms really took off and later as a defense contractor. But life had other plans it seems. With already a young son in my life, the birth of a daughter really made me decide to settle down and choose a less dangerous career path. So I changed my major and finished my degree, and here I sit writing blog posts to assist in my learning experiences and hopefully yours too.